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who's caught what out match lake ??

slappy i was fishing main lake yesterday and took a walk along the flooded boards. when i got to the sliding gate there were 2 ghost commons sat in the flooded reeds next to the walkway. they looked to be about 8-10 lb. also saw a jack pike and a tench in the same place.

Fair play sell,Got me thinking there's alot diff species in there for sure!
Need get Arse down there and try few places baited b4 :-)

yes mate it was very cool to stand there watching them. one of the commons came up underneath the pike and pushed it out of the way so it could get through the little gap in the reeds. that was very funny to see. there were a lot of fish around that part of the flooded causeway. go dangle some maggots and see what pops up. don't forget your wellies lol.

haha be next weekend by time get down way too much on!!
See what we can bag out :-)

Having taken a walk round a VERY flooded site today, there are a LOT of fish in the flooded bank alongside the walkway on the match lake side. Some of these are double figure fish and i saw one very big one amongst them - a common. At one point, l was watching at least 5 or 6 fish at the same time. I think there's a lot more carp in the match lake than we think. Not only that, a double figure fish 'porpoised' out in front of a guy on the match lake a few minutes after l moved away from the other fish. So, who knows!

thought there were,
fishing pole in corner i had a few slabs b4 but would like to try few other places i saw when walking around :-)

Which parts of lakes are under bud?


The area under the wooden walkway was about a foot deep in water as were all the grasses and rushes that grew out into the match lake at that end. In fact when l went there with my missus today to see how things were, the water is a few cms. shallower, but the fish are still there. Someone had put some doggy biscuits in as well, but l'm not sure how interested they are in them. I think they're after natural food on the new flooded bits cos we didn't see any doggies taken in the time we were there.

I ve been told match lake is FULL natural food and from bringing in weed you can see it,Its not a commercial more like pawlett ponds fishing to me

How's the lakes been fishing chaps many people been on???

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