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Full Version: who's caught what out match lake ??
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As no threads thought put one up seeing what people have caught and if big what size Big Grin

I love me match fishing and going be doing bit on here soon ,which can t wait Smile

I ve had so far
carp to 11ib
tench to 5 1/2
bream to 6

Anyone else had any of the nice crucians in there or bigger tench,perch
see ya down there
james Cool

hi mate
i did 1 day session on there last year when velocity was closed for spawning. had 1 tench about 4lb and 6 or 7 bream that were about 5-6lb. can't give exact weights as i never weighed them, it was pouring with rain all day.


yes good mixed head in there which is nice,

remember seeing a real nice crucian being caught over 3ib which is a spec fish for around here!
last year and got my eye on it :-)

Still going do bit time on spec but match lake will be one do most day sessions expect
Slaps i like this thread i am interested at what is inthe Match Lake bet there are a couple of bigies in there (of all species)
Well thought we needed one,pal

But yes i think its not been fished enough after them as been told a few storys from years ago about it :-)

Anyone been fishing it lately???

Got mate wanting give it ago with me so need to contact steve see how much and when we can fish it too...
Hi guys. re Match Lake. Dave Kneeshaw fished this lake several weeks ago and had a dozen perch to 1.5 pounds on tiny sprat dead baits The only other fish caught recently have been a couple of bream but even this sport has been slow. Dave and a friend are booked on Match for Monday so will have more info then.
Cheers Baz,
R try get down soon im off to the big one 2mrw and busy most days next week but in no rush just yet to fish it!!
1.5ib perch sounds very good i ve had them to 4ib + out lands end in matches over the years greedy f******s ,lol
More info on here about match lake the better for us all :-)
No problem J. Dave reckoned that he hadn't contacted the bigger ones that he thinks are there, and l've just remembered that a fairly big eel was caught in the match lake last year in one of the matches - a couple of pounds for sure...
had a five pound eel once scared the crap out of me but that was from Kent
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