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who's caught what out match lake ??

Don't fancy your chances much if you hit the upper 20 common in the Match lake with your pole, but could be fun to watch!!!! (lol)

had carp to 22 on it so were see,lol
the first run or two is the hard bit and snags :-(

going have a look around later when pop down with son see how it looks,

are we going keep the bigger carp still in match lake if caught ,only asking as may have 1 or 2 in me net soon,lol

We can ALL dream

J, singles can stay in the match lake, and maybe low doubles (10 - 12lb), but anything bigger should go into the specy lake, and it would be good if a couple of photos can be taken. I've always asked the match guys to give me a call if l'm not down at the lakes and one of them catches a carp of any size. It would be nice to have you catch a couple of decent fish out of there.

baz, does anyone know how many carp are in the match lake, and how big they are?
would be really funny to sit and watch you james with an upper 20 on the pole. lol

just popped down took son and mate as on waiting list,
looked very nice!!
yes come watch will be cracking,lol
hope NOT :-)

There are several 'big' fish in the match lake. An upper 20 common has been seen and one member lost an upper double mirror at the net last year. There are more carp in the lake because they moved through the gap under Peggys bridge years ago before it was blocked, but the actual number - l'm not sure, and l don't know of anyone who is. Perhaps we'll find out soon wth J fishing it and another couple of members are going to have a go too - our revered leader for one!

sounds interesting some proper lumps in there as heard good things about it,

did look spot on today wish had fishing gear!!

r be down soon.............Anyone interested in doing little match on match lake maybe?

I'll get after those suspected bigger carp then J, take the quiver too, get after the bream and tench.

Just had a look on the match lake section and closed season is March 15 till April 15th.

O is it,lol
forgot about that one ooops
never mind when reopens were have ago 8
yes going have a try as Well worth trying !!!

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