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Name to a Face!

Well I thought it might be a good idea for people to be able to put a name to a face on the forum so here goes. I know our profile pics show pictures but thought it would be good to be able to look at a thread instead, this will also allow us to recognise people on the bank when fishing.

So here goes....

Forum Name: Spagger
Real Name: Dean

[Image: IMAG0052.jpg]
[Image: Sig.jpg]
Home away from Home Big Grin

why are you standing next to that blue cows arse?

here's me

[Image: BASSY00003.jpg]
[Image: GMSsmall.png]

how do you put your photo on lads thanks jeremy

if you look at the posting box there is a small image which looks like this

[Image: insertImageM.png]

that allows you to put a link into an image. you need to link it o an image that is hosted elsewhere such as
[Image: GMSsmall.png]

do you download it sorry im thick as shit mate

lol mate i will do a tutorial for you if you like it is quite simple once you know how. and it is the same for most forums.

look here it shows you how
[Image: GMSsmall.png]

hi im jeremy smallwood ( anfieldjer)

[Image: 1053515kzklrl.jpg]

here's me
name colin
nickname sell

[Image: newbank22lb4oz.jpg]

An old one of me
Nick Beal
aka Bealsy,Nicko,Smiler,nick nick,nick nack,mans,shag-nasty,chubby chaser and many more !
[Image: HPIM0085.jpg]

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