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Etiquette to those fishing the other side of bar

Apparently, I have upset someone fishing the the otherside of bar to myself. My hookbait being too close to where they were fishing on the otherside of bar. I don't go out of my way to upset people, though as I could not fish over the bar and the fish could not pass over, I do not consider it a problem. I guess I would be upset if somebody started spodding on the otherside of the bar to me, though I simply cast out. So apologies to whom ever I offended, though would like to know what is the etiquette to stop such issues happening again.


I hope that Kevin did receive my reply to his post yesterday in which l said that l have not heard any moans or rumours concerning this 'event.' If someone wants to bring this issue into the open, please do so, so that it can be discussed properly, because we are a friendly fishery. Ta. Baz.
Knock em out ! LolTongue
Dunno why anyone would set up oppisite someone
Whos already fishing Huh...then have the nerve to moan.
Get real.Dodgy
Where I work, you knock any body out or threaten to knock anybody out, you get jabbed in the arse and wake up in the morning with a big nappy on.Wink
Miles would love that lol....he normally pays a lot of money for that sort of service pmsl.Tongue
I think as long as you stick to your side of the bar then it should not be an issue, it's just a case of wandering round when u arrive to make sure your not going to fish on top of someone else. We are a friendly folk. Though some a little too friendly eh? Lol
ye i agree with steve... just have a quick word

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