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Hi guys. Just to give a heads up. Pegs 1,7 and 8 are flooded and are unfishable. Peg 9 can only be reached by wearing wellies and there is a small puddle in it. Taff is in peg 2, so only 3,4,5 and the 6's are available. The banks are wet and slippy and the water level is just at the top of the majority of the pegs. Any more rain and l don't know what will happen. I can't open the sluice because the ditches are too full and the farmers are pumping water off their fields. It's going to take a while before we're back to normal! baz.

The good news is water level dropped about 40mm over night, The BAD news is the last thing the carp want to do is feed, they started spawning again in both lakes about midnight and were still going for it when i left at 8am this morning. Thinking its still to early :-(

hope peeps can keep us all informed how things get on,If they keep going will it be closed?

when i left this morning all the swims were fishable again. the water dropped about 3-4 inches over night.
no signs of spawning last night or this morning.

Sounds like good info sell!!

Just making up some rigs and sorting out food ,lol
Cider will get on the way :-)

Forgot to ask where is closest shop get milk if need be?

take enough milk and put it in a spare bucket full of lake water and change the water every few hours. that will keep it cold.
if you run out put cider in your tea lol

haha only put it as thought mrs read it :-)

Cider for sure!!!

i got long life milk are bring pal,you able pop down??
be friday morning be getting down now got family meal now thursday night!

lets hope people keep us all posted on here about state lake,fish!

Hi guys. Went down this morning (friday). Bob had one before he left t'other day;Lee's had one; both in the 20's; Ian has had three - all in the low to mid teens. The fish appear to have stopped spawning. The paths are passable but marshy. Still can't open the sluice to drop a bit more water out - Richmoor are pumping like mad again. Can't blame them, but it really p.....s me off when we can't let water out to help the site dry out. Oh well !!!

cheers for the update mate.
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