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Last session for the year - Downey - 23-12-14

Well after blanking last week and falling in the lake (Yes that actually happened), I was determined to make my last session of the year a good one.

At about 0400 I had this lovely common at 14lb 15oz:

[Image: f7HcIZw.jpg]

And just as I returned it, I had another run which produced this beauty at 18lb 4oz:

[Image: bUBFlCQ.jpg]

Here is another picture of the same carp, does anyone recognize this? It unfortunately has a small piece from its tail missing but this makes it quite distinct:

[Image: g1F4nlT.jpg]

Both caught on Velocity Baits Fluoro Scopex and Strawberry Limes pop-ups.

Really looking forward to 2015 and got my fingers crossed for some of the bigguns!

RE: Last session for the year - Velostef - 27-12-14

Could be chew tail bud.nice session mate!

RE: Last session for the year - hagz - 28-12-14

well done mate a nice Christmas bonus for you