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Full Version: One Bait for a Bite
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If you only had to chose one bait that you would always turn to in difficult times what would it be?
thats a hard question neil but, i have to say up intill i started useing the AK4R it would have been solar's quench bait ive had some very good hits on that bait ,,but like i said after useing the AK4R i would be happy takeing that bait any where it worked for me in frog land as well as over here .
a single piece of fake corn.
white or yellow Sleepy
i'd have to say tigers, they have caught me fish in the past when every thing else failed. single tiger with about a dozen that were cut into small pieces in a pva bag.
i had some Shellfish Sense appeal red nash Pop-ups that always seemed to work but never caught if i tried to fish from the off with them lol
The Cell would be my 1st choice or rather oddly Minstral Baits RoseHip as there is just something about them that works.. everywhere!
Mainline Pineapple pop up.

Richworth Tutti bottom bait.
Essential baits B5
well il would use the nutrabaits trigga or trigga ice
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